Bio-Haz Solutions

Bio-Haz driver picks up at ACO

In June 2018, two companies cancelled contracts to pick up aborted baby remains from third-trimester abortionist Leroy Carhart. Unfortunately, a new medical waste company, Bio-Haz Solutions, Inc., based in Nesquehoning, Pennsylvania, has been hired by (ACO), Carhart’s late-term abortion facility located in Bethesda, Maryland. Bio-Haz Solutions was first seen at ACO in early July 2018 making a pick-up of four large, heavy boxes.

Biomedical Waste Services of Maryland cancelled its contract with ACO on June 5, 2018, after Operation Rescue urged pro-life supporters to flood its office with e-mails and phone calls.  A second Maryland company, Biomedical Waste Services quit after just one pick-up on June 23 after a similar contact campaign yielded results. Bio-Haz Solutions is the latest company to attempt to profit from the disposal of aborted babies at Carhart’s Bethesda abortion facility.


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Please contact Bio-Haz Vice President Kipp Henritzy or and politely ask him to cancel his contract with LeRoy Carhart and

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