Curtis Bay Energy – Waste Hauler Generates Electricity by Burning Aborted Babies

According to an informant outside the Baltimore, MD Planned Parenthood, Curtis Bay Energy is receiving, transferring, and burning aborted babies for energy. Their website reads, “We manage the largest medical waste incinerator in the US and the only facility in the Northeast Region that utilizes Waste-to-Energy incineration to safely convert infectious/biomedical waste and non-hazardous pharmaceuticals into useful energy.”

In other words, Curtis Bay Energy, who services much of the east coast, converts aborted babies into electricity for use in households and businesses in the Baltimore, MD area. Many bio-waste haulers can’t afford their own incinerators so Curtis Bay is a drop off site for other medical waste companies that service abortion centers such as BioMedical Services (whose office is located in the same corporate center).

If you live in the Baltimore area you can be assured that aborted babies were killed so you can turn your lights on in your house!  But at least they are concerned about their carbon footprint:

“Curtis Bay owns state-of-the-art medical waste processing and material management technology, and continues to invest in research and sustainable waste management solutions that generate the lowest carbon footprint.”

Please call Curtis Bay CEO Jack Perko at 443.681.5403 and email him to ask him to stop burning aborted babies for energy. Please leave a message if you receive voicemail.