Stericycle, Inc.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Stericycle Cancels Hundreds of Contracts with Abortion Companies

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According to the Ohio Attorney General’s 2015 report Planned Parenthood Investigation Summary Regarding Disposal of Aborted Fetuses, Stericycle disposed of fetal remains for Planned Parenthood facilities in Ohio by dumping them in landfills. According to the investigative summary, Planned Parenthood—Northeast Ohio’s records show that it has used only Stericycle to dispose of its medical waste since April 2014 (including aborted fetuses).

Read the transcript of Attorney General DeWine’s press conference exposing Stericycle’s enabling of Planned Parenthood to kill children.

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Additionally, Planned Parenthood’s legal counsel indeed confirmed that Planned Parenthood—Northeast Ohio used only Stericycle to collect, transport and dispose of aborted children and the instruments used to kill them. Stericycle was also been documented picking up medical waste at abortion facilities in several cities across the nation.

Stericycle, either by neglect or intent, did not enforce their medical waste protocol which was meant to refuse fetal remains. Therefore, in practice, Stericycle had been providing services to abortion clinics to dispose of fetal remains. Stericycle disclosed (see pages four and five of the amended complaint) that they recently cancelled hundreds of contracts (over 400 in the past few years) with abortion facilities.


button-take-actionStericycle has taken a vital first step in the process of ceasing its involvement with the abortion cartel. We will “trust but verify” Stericycle’s claims regarding their refusal to dispose of fetal remains from abortion companies. However, they still are providing other waste services to a small number of abortion centers and therefore will remain, for now, an enabler of Planned Parenthood and child-killing. Therefore, we remain committed to persuading Stericycle to dump Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry altogether.

  • Contact Stericycle CEO Charles Alutto and tell him to stop enabling abortion by transporting and disposing of the instruments used to kill preborn children.
    • Phone: 847-367-5910
    • Fax: 847-367-9493
    • Physical mail: Charles Alutto, Chairman of the Board, Stericycle, Inc., 28161 North Keith Drive, Lake Forest IL 60045

If abortionists can’t dispose of dead babies, they will be forced to stop killing them.